hi! i'm luchiz. i'm a hobbyist computer tinkerer who loves UNIX, old computers and software, and coding.

my hobbies are mainly coding and just having fun with computers and other electronic gear like printers and synthesizers. i also have a passion for the UNIX philosophy and do computer science and experiments recreationally, like fractals in OpenGL and algorithmic music generation. my other interests are biking, writing music, and making friends online or in real life.

i prefer not using social media websites like youtube and twitter, discord, or even mastodon, as they're designed to keep people's minds more engaged while depriving sleep for money. instead, you may contact me via e-mail at luchiz (at) h3x (dot) lol - you may send me something interesting if you want, i may look at it!

you may also reach with me via xmpp at luchiz@lime.h3x.lol.